Church Finances

One of the exciting (and exasperating) things about the United Church of Christ and the churches of the Vermont Conference is the give and take between autonomy and covenant. When it comes to church finances, that means that we all have our own idea of structure and organizational leadership. In one church there may be trustees, in another, a bookkeeper who reports to a prudential committee. Others have moderators, treasurers, or an executive committee.

What we all have in common is a desire to 'do the right thing', and ensure we're following the rules. If you have any question about the way your church's financial ministry is organized or executed, contact Jim Thomas at the Conference Office.

Contribution Remittance Form

Here are links to an updated Contribution Remittance form:


Contributions to Non-Conference/Non-UCC Agencies

The Conference no longer processes contributions for non-Conference and non-UCC agencies.

Contributions for such things as Church World Service, Heifer Project, our regional seminaries and others should be sent directly to those agencies.

Need the address? A list of common agencies is here.
Need the address of a former sister mission?  A list is here.

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