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Interfaith Racial Justice Education Offerings

The Interfaith Racial Justice Education Offerings (formerly known as the Interfaith Diversity Education Offerings) was developed in the winter of 2005-2006 by members of churches in St. Johnsbury – St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, North Congregational Church, and the Unitarian Universalist Church – in collaboration with the Uprooting Racism Task Force of the United Church of Christ, Vermont Conference.  Many thanks to the Unitarian Universalist Church for their input in making this program be interfaith, meaning that people of other faiths could feel welcome to participate and have their religious beliefs respected and honored.  

The goals of this interfaith program for families are to increase awareness of and understanding of racism here in our communities in Vermont, and to teach skills for responding to racism:

  • in the introductory session, increase  awareness of racism in Vermont and experience empowerment and healing through interfaith worship.
  • in the middle sessions, lead age-appropriate diversity and racial justice education, including teaching skills for responding to racism for students in fourth grade and older,.
  • in the closing, develop plans specific to the needs of the local congregation and the local community, working toward a future of racial justice.

We encourage other communities to consider developing additional materials to share throughout the conference.  Our goal is to make these materials user-friendly for religious educators and available online to facilitate widespread use of racial justice education materials in spiritual settings.

For further questions regarding the Interfaith Racial Justice Education Offerings project, please email information@vtcucc.org with your questions and good times to call you, or call the Conference Office at 802-728-4999.  



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