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Vermont, a Multiracial, Multicultural State?  (00:29:57)
If Vermont is such a great place to live and raise children, why don’t more people of color choose to live here?  If UCC churches are “welcoming”, why don’t more Christian people of color choose to worship and serve with us?  What can we do to become a community that embraces the wholeness God wants for us?
Target audience
Primary target audience is for adults in UCC congregations in Vermont, especially those who have not yet explored white privilege and racism.  Appropriate for stimulating discussion for any people of faith with limited understanding of racism today, but with hearts open to discussing spiritual basis for activism.  Applicable to other institutions also trying to grasp what institutional racism is and how to address it.
No objectionable content, but not engaging for children.
Special comments.
This movie was motivated by the Multiracial, Multicultural Resolution proposed to the Vermont Conference of the United Church of Christ, to explain the relevance of this resolution in a predominantly European-based culture, and to inspire local churches to embark on a journey of their own, in becoming Multiracial, Multicultural churches.
Recommended settings
- Especially suited to adult group use, to watch (only a half hour long) and then discuss, or to interrupt for discussion.  Ideally, after viewing, a congregation might form a list of goals and a plan for achieving their goals.
- Appropriate for public access broadcast.  For broadcast outside Vermont or after 2013, ask for the version without the copyrighted song “Turn the World Around.”
- Can be used for trainings on White Privilege or Anti-Racism, with chapter markers to facilitate only showing certain clips instead of the whole movie.  Trainers: please ask for a version that has more chapter markers, if desired.

Working for Racial Justice (00:13:31)
Commentators in this movie describe the Vermont Anti-Racism Action Team; Reading to End Racism; Anti-Racism Study Circles; the community movie screenings with facilitated discussions of “Living on the Fault Line: Where Race and Family Meet;” and the ALANA Community Organization based in Brattleboro, Vermont, serving the entire state.

Jeff Farber, on the Genesis and the Journey of “Living on the Fault Line” (00:35:10)
Montpelier, Vermont, filmmaker Jeff Farber speaks on his motivation for making "Living on the Fault Line: Where Race and Family Meet;" the impact on his crew making this film about transracial adoption in Vermont; and his hopes for the film as a starting point for the conversation about race in America.

Reading of the Resolution (00:03:46)
This is a studio reading of the resolution on Becoming a Multiracial, Multicultural Church, as approved at the 2008 Vermont Conference Annual Meeting, for use in group study where participants want to discuss the resolution but not everyone has read it.







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