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The primary purpose of the Vermont Conference Resource Center is to support UCC congregations in Vermont in their ministry and mission, but when materials are available and not expected to be in immediate demand, we also gladly share our resources with congregations of other denominations and with other groups serving Vermonters.

The Uprooting Racism Task Force has purchased resources for use by individuals as well as for group study, and has collected quite a few books, videos and DVDs that are enlightening, thought-provoking, and inspiring.  Several CD’s of world music are also available on loan.  The Task Force has also considered stocking “multicultural” magic markers and crayons (these include a variety of skin tones) and other materials to assist in multicultural education and celebration, but wants to know what would be helpful to congregations, and would be used if purchased, rather than risking filling tight storage space with materials that are never used – perhaps because no one knows they exist.  So please let us know how we can help, and what is the best way to let people know what we have.

For a list of Resources, click here.

To borrow resources, contact our Communications and Resource Center Coordinator, Sybil McShane.  You can reach her Tuesday through Friday, at 802-728-4999.



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